Whose Most Likely To Get The Best Results From Gamblers Anonymous?

Gamblers Anonymous, otherwise known as GA is a program delivered in 12 steps for those that have gambling problems. The only requirement for one to join is a sincere desire to kick the habit.

This addiction according to Gamblers Anonymous, may be associated with dysfunctional family life, financial insecurity, employment difficulties, financial insecurity, psychological distress and even higher suicide rates along with attempted suicide.

The organisation's roots go back to Sept 13, 1957 in Los Angeles. By the time 2005 had arrived, the word had spread to over 1,000 different locations in the United States, with groups also established throughout the globe.

GA estimates that problem gambling occurs in 1.6% of the US population. Members are offered a list of twenty questions so they can self-diagnose if they suffer from compulsive gambling. How effective is their program compared to those gamblers suffering from the same problem who do not attend their sessions?

Well, members of GA do appear to have issues of higher severity. As well as being older citizens with higher incomes, they usually have partners that have suffered along with their addictions for several years, leading to domestic conflicts, larger debts, although less serious problems when it comes to substance abuse.

GA would also seem to be more effective in helping those with more serious gambling problems and in helping them abstain from their gambling. Pressure relief group support, and encouraging new members to get to grips with their affairs and to be honest with their nearest and dearest, are all part of the process focus.

It appears those who get euphoric at having found a lasting solution usually give way to those with a more stable viewpoint in terms of first impression. Therefore Gamblers Anonymous would be deemed better suited for those severe problem gamblers, who have no additional compounding issues. Less than 8% of all members remain with the program in excess of a year, a thought also well worth considering.