Pathological Gambling - What Exactly Are The Traits To Look For?

When it comes to viewing pathological gambling and impulsivity at high levels, it is evident that individuals seeking high sensation along with increased risk, need to be aware that they could be prime targets for fitting into this debilitating category.

This actually pertains to both males and females, however the levels of impulsivity in both of the genders has an important role to play.

Males are more likely to abuse and misuse substances in combination when looking at pathological gambling. They use strategies and coping skills such as emotional outlet seeking and distraction techniques, whereas with females their use of intensity seeking, is more likely to be used than coping.

Genetics and family history is also a consideration in pathological gamblers, they may already be pre-programed and be prone to becoming a soft target. Lack of forethought and potentially negative impending consequences as a result of acting upon a whim, are all contributing factors. Likewise with substance abuse and misuse disorders.

It is true that males are often exposed to gambling at an early age. Socioeconomic status and other environmental stressors, all play their part. There's normally many pieces to a jigsaw, each piece has its own individual role in developing a much larger picture. In this particular instance, things can easily get out of control in such severe cases, consuming a substantial amount of one's time to the detriment of the individual, before the consequences of their actions have registered.

Pathological gambling, along with substance abuse disorders are frequently considered to be comorbid conditions, that is a situation where two chronic disorders exist at the same time. Added to a predisposition of depression, such individuals have a high tolerance in delaying rewards whilst the rush is in the risk. As always intellectualizing is one thing, taking appropriate action another.