A compilation of gambling quotes

Gambling quotes had been spread out in the internet. Thousands of web pages contain quotations and sayings about gambling. It's no stretch to say that almost everyone appreciates good quotes or sayings, especially the ones which convey an important idea. More often than not, these quotes reflect wisdom and self-expression which provide a more profound impact to the readers.

Almost everything in this world is a gamble, even in love. People gamble for a particular reason, sometimes its fate that leads a person to continue gambling and what they get from it remain within themselves. Although a lot of people see gambling in a different way, others believed that it's an excellent yet most rewarding activity.

Gambling is often associated with entertainment, but with a highest value. People gamble their money, time and effort in a game with no assurance of winning. The good thing is, they get to enjoy the experience. According to Alexander Pushkins, "Play interests me very much," said Hermann: "but I am not in the position to sacrifice the necessary in the hope of winning the superfluous."

Harry S. Truman also quoted ""There is a lure in power. It can get into a man's blood just as gambling and lust for money have been known to do." This quote although not mentioned, involves abuse of gambling, money and power.

Gambling at some point can be considered as a means, not an end. It can bring good or bad to anyone, but don't turn the good into bad. You are the one who has the control. Be a good punter and use gambling only for the right reasons.

Quotes from influential people are most likely being used by people to address their personal view and opinion about a certain issue, this is pretty normal.

Here's a compilation of quotes which revolves around the world of gambling, money and luck!